Translation Fees

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Translation offices offer the price by accepting one document consisting of twenty lines as one page written in font 12 size as per the act of fees No 492.

When one page of document is written on a computer media, it corresponds to 1000 characters without spaces or 140-180 words. 

The pricing is not given over the original document, but the translated text in the target language. 

  • Translation fees are not included 18% Value Added Tax,
  • Translation fees are not included notary certification fee,
  • Notary certification fee is collected by the relevant notary public,
  • 50 pages and over translations are discounted,
  • 100 pages and over translations are discounted extra,
  • Please ask for special and reasonable prices for contracted customers,
  • Special prices for faculty members, student thesis,
  • Translation and interpreting prices are presented to you below.

Please call us to receive detailed information about translation fees, prices, and let us offer you special detailed prices for you!

Translation fees, Sworn Translation fees, Notary certified translation fees, Translation interpreting price list, 

Translation interpreting fees are given for  written translation of general and technical documents.