GUNAYDIN TRANSLATION OFFICE aims to provide the best service with its experienced and expert team since it has started business. We translate any of your texts, documents, oral and simultaneous interpretation in any subject you may need from Turkish into any languages of the world or from any language into Turkish with our first class translators-interpretations


We are proud with the projects we have completed for our customers from almost any sector and with developing and improving without a making concession from the quality with our timely, reliable and regular working principle that we apply on your works from short urgent works to long translation projects with the same seriousness and professional principle besides being an office that enhancing our technical infrastructure for the works with our cutting edge technology, fully equipped computers, internet connections, contemporary program and software support.


We have completed many translations in the fields of Mechanic Engineering, Hydraulic-Pneumatic, Automotive, Automation, Mechatronics, Energy, Agriculture, Food, Banking, Maritime, Telecommunication, Software and Computer, Chemical, Medicine, Economics, Law, Textile, Quality Assurance and Quality Management Systems, Security Systems, Accounting, Trade, Civil Engineering, Cartography and Cadastre, Social Sciences. 


GUNAYDIN TRANSLATION OFFICE is at your service with its big and experienced team having the cutting edge technical facilities, no matter where you are, we provide delivery with our free courier service with the values we place on the customer satisfaction.
We recommend you to try our Optimum Offer system. We collaborate with all companies operating in the translation business. If you wish to purchase oral or written, private or certified translation service or just if you wish to just receive an offer, please send an e-mail to or call us from (0216) 504 52 67 pbx or (0506) 858 57 04.


Some of the services you can buy are stated below. We kindly remind you that we render any services in the translation sector. 


General Written Translation Service;
Urgent Translation Service (min 30 minutes, maximum 1 hour) 


  • Written or Oral translation services according to subject such as Commercial, Scientific, Legal, Medical, Artistic Literary etc.
  • CD – DVD translation
  • Web site translation
  • Localization Service
  • Accompanying Services
  • Conference Services
  • Simultaneous Translation Service
  • Thesis Translation
  • Foreign Market Research Service
  • International Agreements
  • Customs Invoices
  • E-mail correspondences
  • Catalogue translation
  • Book Translation
  • Technical Document Translation
  • Notary public Power of Attorney transactions, interpreting
  • Official interpreting at Courts etc. 
  • Accompanying foreigners in Turkey
  • Accompanying Turkish people abroad
  • Fair etc organization team
  • Touristic consultancy services
  • Fax, e-mail, delivery by hand, delivery via domestic cargo companies 

They are only some of the services we can provide you. 


The main languages we provide translation service for:

German Turkish, Arabic Turkish, Albanian Turkish, Azerbaijani Turkish, Bosnian Turkish, Bulgarian Turkish, Czech Turkish, Chinese Turkish, Danish Turkish, Armenian Turkish, Estonian Turkish, Persian Turkish, Finnish Turkish,  Flemish Turkish, French Turkish, Georgian Turkish, Croatian Turkish, Dutch Turkish, Hebrew Turkish, English Turkish, Spanish Turkish, Swedish Turkish, Italian Turkish, Japanese Turkish, Kazakh Turkish, Kyrgyz Turkish, Korean Turkish, Latin Turkish, Polish Turkish, Latvian Turkish, Lithuanian Turkish, Hungarian Turkish, Macedonian Turkish, Maltese Turkish, Moldovan Turkish, Norwegian Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Uzbek Turkish, Polonaise Turkish, Portuguese Turkish, Romanian Turkish, Russian Turkish, Serbian Turkish, Slovakian Turkish, Slovenian Turkish, Turkish German , Turkish Arabic, Turkish Albanian, Turkish Azerbaijani, Turkish Bosnian, Turkish Bulgarian, Turkish Czech, Turkish Chinese, Turkish Danish , Turkish Armenian , Turkish Estonian, Turkish Persian, Turkish Finnish,  Turkish Flemish, Turkish French, Turkish Georgian, Turkish Croatian, Turkish Dutch, Turkish Hebrew, Turkish English, Turkish Spanish, Turkish Swedish, Turkish Italian, Turkish Japanese, Turkish Kazakh, Turkish Kyrgyz, Turkish Korean, Turkish Latin, Turkish Polish, Turkish Latvian, Turkish Lithuanian, Turkish Hungarian, Turkish Macedonian, Turkish Maltese, Turkish Moldovan, Turkish Norwegian, Turkish Ottoman, Turkish Uzbek, Turkish Polonaise, Turkish Portuguese, Turkish Romanian, Turkish Russian, Turkish Serbian, Turkish Slovakian, Turkish Slovenian, Turkish Turcoman, Turkish Ukrainian, Turkish Yugoslavian, Turkish Greek. You can request offer for these languages. 


We can offer you translation and interpreting services in any part of Turkey. We aim to provide you service through our closest member. We especially aim to provide you translation services through our closest member upon your interpreter or translator request. However, since written translation has more technological facilities, and you can deliver us the texts to be translated via internet, fax or cargo companies, we can provide you the services through our members who are not close to you. We can provide the services to you in the below named cities and districts. You can contact us on (0216) 504 52 67 Pbx or (0506) 858 57 04 through our Customer Representative or mail us at