Conference Systems and Simultaneous Translation

As Gunaydın Translation Office, we present Simultaneous translation, which is the interpreting service rendered at various meetings, congresses, conferences, television broadcasts especially having great attendance via special equipment and a translator placed in a separate cabinet for the speaker and audience. 


Our translator interprets simultaneously with the speaker. Thus you can receive a faster and more efficient translation service without interruption. Simultaneous translation is provided in the most qualified way via quality equipment and the professional translation team having at least 10 years of experience in their field.


Consecutive Translation: Consecutive translation is preferred for fields of limited participation such as business negotiations, meetings, trips, court, notary public, land register office. During the consecutive translation, the interpreter translates the words after the speaker. 


Our company provides translators as soon as possible in any languages you need for your interpretation necessities. You can just apply us for your real estate purchase, sale transactions, powers of attorney before notaries, works at courts, agreement, transfer transactions, customs procedures and any fields you may need.


Simultaneous Translation: Simultaneous translation is the translation service provided to speakers and participants by a translator located in a separate cabinet with the help of special equipment at events such as big meetings, congresses, conferences, television broadcasts having especially a big audience. For simultaneous interpreting, our interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker. Therefore the translation is provided rapidly and efficiently without interruption. 

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